Moominsummer Madness

Summer is short in Finland, but in the first year since the group moved to Helsinki we made the most of it.  Sadly, it's now getting darker and time to say good bye to our great interns that joined us: Marie Froehly (Université de Strasbourg, FR) and Feli Pamatat (University of Bielefeld, DE). 

Marie helped out Vix and Caitlin with a heroic effort of video-watching, spending two weeks in Cambridge and two more in Helsinki.  During the recent translocation, we filmed hihi in the aviaries to gain a greater understanding of social interactions and individual variation in foraging during captivity.  Marie watched many hours of videos to collect the data and began making headway into the analysis - picking up R skills along the way. 

Feli started the summer with three weeks in Oulu, Finland, conducting an experiment with Robert Thomson (University of Cape Town, SA) and Jere Tolvanen (University of Oulu) to investigate defences of alternative cuckoo hosts. She then finished this up with two months in Helsinki to watch provisioning videos and to learn how to analyse growth data.  Feli finished up her visit by giving an entertaining presentation about avoiding a ticking (cuckoo egg) time bomb.

Please contact us if you'd like to join as an intern in the future.