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Hal Whitehead, Kevin N. Laland, Luke Rendell, Rose Thorogood, and Andrew Whiten. The reach of gene–culture coevolution in animals. Nature Communications 10, 2405 (2019). DOI

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Rose Thorogood, Rebecca M. Kilner, and Justin L. Rasmussen. Grey Gerygone hosts are not egg rejecters, but Shining Bronze-Cuckoos lay cryptic eggs.  The Auk 134, 340-349 (2017).       PDF, Blog postDOI

Kirsty J. MacLeod, Patricia Brekke, Wenfei Tong, John G. Ewen, Rose Thorogood. Do mothers bias offspring sex ratios in carotenoid-rich environments?  Behavioral Ecology 28, 131-137 (2017).     PDF, Blog post, DOI


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Rose Thorogood & Nicholas B. Davies. Hawk mimicry and the evolution of polymorphic cuckoos. Chinese Birds 4, 39–50 (2013).      PDFDOI

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